These images began with the end of normalcy of life generated by the COVID-19 pan- demic. Once confronted with the space of being trapped indoors I began photographing my new relationship with the outdoors in my new experience, bringing the images in- side, and then expressing the new ritual of hand washing with the prints between my hands. At the beginning, these images were quandaries of the image itself and what that specific image revealed in a literal representation of life and death.
But as the project progressed, I became fascinated by the back of the images, what was once a blank piece of paper now began to reveal more information about my experi- ence: what would be considered a blank canvas is now filled with an index of the time: the color of the light from my window denoting the weather of the day, the reflection of my clothes and indoor surroundings on the white surface of the paper, the water droplets from washing… depending on the weather and paper, the water will sink into the print more on somedays than others. The tension from my hand washing shows the tension in my body, some days that tension shares the anxieties, others reveal a calmness.
As I delved deeper into this project, I began reflecting most with the images that are more abstract: when successful these images no longer reveal a photograph of an ob- ject, but instead are representative of an experience. I moved from documenting these images as objects to creating images as they would reveal themselves on their own terms. Meant to be printed large, these images present my experience as a landscape, as an expression, as an emotional equivalent. While the front side of these photographs are the momentum to get myself out of the house, the backs of them shows an indexical imprint of the time I’ve spent with this project, the physical evidence of my experience with these images, when it is all that I’m allowed to touch.

Hand-Washed on April 1

Hand-washed on April 2

Hand-washed on April 3

Hand-washed on April 4

Hand-washed on April 5

Hand-washed on April 6, 2020

Hand-washed on April 7th, 2020

Hand-washed on April 8th, 2020

Hand Washed on April 10th, 2020

Hand Washed on April 11th, 2020

Hand-Washed on April 13th, 2020

Hand-Washed on April 15th, 2020