photograph by Anna Latino

Mickey Lee (also previously known as Jess Voas) is the Candidate Representitive at Lesley University, currently in their second year of obtaining their masters degree in Photography and Integrated Media.  They are a Social Justice Warrior for LGBTQ+, BIPOC, Educational, Institutional and Women’s issues.  They are proud to have coined the term #foineassart, which is a movement to normalize bodies within the fine art realm, as well as normalizing sex work.

Their personal work has been exhibited in various group exhibitions, and can be found in a number of private collections throughout the U.S.  They are the proud founder of the Boston-based photography group Photo Lounge, creating space and community for the local photographers of all backgrounds.  Additionally, they are interested in the unspoken space that photography provides as an Art Therapy.  Their life goal is to pursue their PHD in Philosophies of Art Therapies.

Mickey was raised in Auburn, Massachusetts where they first experimented with art and expression, utilizing all mediums and their disposal.  They graduated in 2014 from Fitchbufg State University with a dual-bachelors degree in photography and literature.  Studying photography under Peter Laytin, they acquired significant darkroom and analogue experience that holds a primitive influence in their work.

Following undergrad, they completed an internship at Anderson Ranch in Snowmass Village, CO, where they assisted workshops for a number of contemporary photographers in digital mediums, bookmaking, WordPress, as well as wet plate collodion printing.  From 2014-2019 they worked as an Imaging Specialist for a nationally renowned publication.

Their most recent work explores the ideas of the female gaze, the nude, issues of hair within our culture, and creating work that simultaneously functions as sexual objects for consumption as well as fine art.  Their newest image can be seen at Castleton University Fine Art Gallery “Utopia” exhibition, curated by the real-life goddess Kelly Burgess, and soon will be available through platforms such as Twitch and OnlyFans.